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February 3, 2011


FWI’s Global Family Policy Forum
Was a Huge Success!

Dear Supporter of the Family,

I am excited to report that Family Watch International sponsored our first annual Global Family Policy Forum in conjunction with The Foundation for African Culture and Heritage in Phoenix, Arizona on January 20th and 21st.  The forum, which was organized specifically for UN diplomats that negotiate social and family issues at the UN, was a huge success!

We brought together 26 UN delegates from 23 different countries around the world for two days of expert presentations on family issues, briefing sessions and discussions on how to better protect and promote the family and family values at the UN.

This forum was a critical first step in our plan to go on the offense on family issues at the UN because as military strategists know “the best defense is a good offense.”  The forum also helped delegates prepare for a number of important UN conferences coming up in the next few months where the family and family values will come under assault.

The forum was also the culmination of a lot of hard work and planning and could have never been realized without the dedicated support of key UN diplomats, our FWI team, and some of our most faithful supporters.  Thanks to all of you!  It turned out to be much more successful than even I had hoped and was probably the single most important thing that Family Watch has ever done!

The first day of the conference was devoted to expert presentations to brief the delegates on emerging family issues in the upcoming negotiations.  Presentations provided evidence on how the UN system is being manipulated by sexual rights activists to promote the sexual agenda and how the institution of the family is being undermined by these efforts.  One of the most moving presentations was the personal testimony of a patient who is successfully reorienting from homosexuality to heterosexuality.  For many of these diplomats, this was their first exposure to the scientific and clinical evidence that proves homosexuality is not genetically determined and fixed like skin color or race and that in many cases, individuals who experience same-sex attraction can be helped by therapy.  This knowledge alone will pay huge dividends as UN delegates confront the anti-family, homosexual activists who are in the forefront of the international “sexual rights” campaign that is one of the biggest threats to the institution of the family worldwide.

The second day of the Forum was partly devoted to orienting the diplomats on some of the tools and resources FWI has created to help them in negotiations, primarily our new Resource Guide to UN Consensus Language on Family Issues and FWI’s new searchable electronic database of UN consensus documents.  This database allows diplomats to quickly and easily access previously agreed upon family-supportive language from past UN documents.  They can use their laptops to access the data while they are actually in negotiating sessions.  Most of the day, however, was spent on developing strategy and discussing tactics for the upcoming conferences.

An important part of this conference was the opportunity it gave these diplomats to get to know each other socially and network among themselves.  Many of their delegations at the UN are very small, and they are stretched very thin.  During UN conferences they are especially busy, so this opportunity to interact in a more relaxed atmosphere was very productive.   In just the two weeks since the conference it is clear that the pro-family effort at the UN has already been strengthened from these closer personal relationships.

Another important benefit of the conference was the intercultural exchange opportunities we built into it.  Each diplomat was assigned a host family who picked them up at the airport, helped them with any needs that arose, and generally did everything they could to make their experience as enjoyable and easy as they could.  In some cases UN delegates stayed in the home of their host family, which was a rewarding experience for all.

These host families did a great job, and we got many, very positive and appreciative responses from the diplomats attending.  Many of them do not get much opportunity to experience much of the United States outside of New York City.

We also worked in a variety of incredible local talent in each evening’s after dinner entertainment, and for those who could take a little extra time, we arranged some escorted tours, including a trip to the Grand Canyon.

I think all of us who participated learned a great deal from each other.  I know I did.  We are already starting to plan for next year’s Forum (and raise the funds to put it on if you can help with that!).  From the enthusiastic feedback from this year’s attendees and from the inquiries we have already gotten from others whose schedule did not allow them to attend this year, next year’s forum could easily include diplomats from more than 50 countries!

The biggest complaint we got was that the forum was not long enough.  Many told us that our forum was the best conference they had ever attended and that they found all the presentations extremely useful to their work in defending the family.  In fact, we were overwhelmed by the positive feedback and the gratitude of the delegates to Family Watch for organizing the forum.

As a result of this Forum I am more excited than I have ever been as we go into the critical UN conferences coming in the next few months.  This time we will be more prepared than ever.  We have already begun working with forum attendees to implement creative strategies for protecting and promoting the family and family values.  We will, of course, be reporting on each of the upcoming UN conferences in more detail and suggesting when and how you can help.

Sharon Slater
Sharon Slater



We Urgently Need Your Help!

We have never faced greater challenges to the family and family values than we do now and there is no doubt these challenges will only increase in the months ahead.  Not only do we face more threats at the UN than ever before but at the national level we are fighting to defend marriage in the U.S., prevent the liberalization of abortion and dealing with other issues as well.  As a result, our budget is stretched to the breaking point.

Please help in this effort to defend the family and family values by making the most generous contribution you can.  Contributions are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers and any amount you contribute will be used effectively and efficiently.  You can easily make a secure contribution on line here or print out a form to mail in a contribution.



News Items of Interest


Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Charged with Murder.  Kermit Gosnell ran what is being called “a house of horrors” by one prosecutor.  The physician is accused of causing the death of one woman and killing seven viable babies, born in the sixth, seventh and eighth months of pregnancy, in illegal, late term abortions.  Read more here.

Planned Parenthood Caught on Tape Covering up Potential Sexual Abuse and Sex Trafficking.  The undercover video taken by the anti-abortion group Live Action shows the manager of a Planned Parenthood clinic in New Jersey discussing abortion, STD testing, and contraception for underage girls.  The Planned Parenthood employee coached the two individuals who were posing as a pimp and a prostitute to lie about the ages of the girls.  Read more here.

Poll Shows Majority of Americans Are Pro-life.  Fox News polled 900 registered voters and found 50 percent identified themselves as pro-life and 42 percent as pro-abortion.  Five percent said they were a combination, and three percent said they didn’t know.  The poll has a margin of error of three percent.  Read more here.

Nearly 50 Million Abortions Have Been Performed in U.S. Since Roe v. WadeThis figure, according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, includes all abortions in the U.S. since 1973 when abortion was legalized.  While some statistics compiled over the last ten years show that the number of abortions has dropped, it is still a prevalent form of birth control in the United States.  Read more here.

Forced Abortions Number 35,000 Per Day in China.  According to former Tiananmen Square student leader Chai Ling, the “brutal” enforcement of China’s one-child policy is “the largest crime against humanity.”  Victims who survived harassment by the Chinese government gathered on Capitol Hill to protest the visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao to the United States.  Read more here.

Homosexuality Related

San Diego Firefighters Win Gay Pride Lawsuit.  The California Supreme court refused to hear an appeal by the city, thereby allowing to stand the ruling in favor of four firefighters who brought a sexual harassment lawsuit against the city of San Diego.  The firefighters were forced against their will to participate in a gay pride parade in 2007.  During the parade the men said they were sexually harassed by parade participants.  Read more here.

Homosexual Activists Target Chick-fil-a.  Activists called for a boycott of the fast food chain famous for its chicken sandwiches after a Pennsylvania outlet provided food for a marriage seminar sponsored by one of the state’s pro-family organizations.  Chick-fil-a has long been known for its Christian values.  Among other things that set it apart, its stores are closed on Sunday.  A video posted on Chick-fil-a’s Facebook page stated that the company values all of its customers equally.  Read more here.

Homosexual Themes to be Inserted Throughout British Curriculum.  The initiative will be launched at the beginning of “LGBT History Month.”  The lesson plans are available to all schools, but schools can decide whether they wish to incorporate them into their curriculum.  Lesson plans include discussion of homosexual statistics and using homosexual characters in math problems, studying animal species where the male assumes a role in raising their young in science, and using “LGBT vocabulary” in language lessons.  Read more here.

UN Chief Calls for More Protections for Homosexuals.  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that they need this protection even if homosexuality raises cultural issues in some parts of the world.  Read more here.

Marriage Related

Top French Court Upholds Same-sex Marriage Ban.  The Constitutional Council of France ruled that there was no conflict between current law banning homosexual marriage and the rights enshrined by the country’s constitution.  The Council further stated that it was up to the parliament to change the law with regard to marriage.  Read more here.

Court Rejects Washington D.C. Same-sex Marriage Appeal.
  The U.S. Supreme Court turned away a challenge from opponents of same-sex marriage who wanted to get a measure on the ballot that would allow citizens to vote on defining marriage as between a man and a woman.  The district’s Board of Elections and Ethics refused to put the initiative on the ballot.  Read more here.

Illinois Governor Signs Civil Unions Bill.  The state has become the sixth state in the U.S. to legalize partnerships for same-sex couples, who can now receive the same benefits as married couples under state law.  In some states, the legalization of same-sex marriage followed the legalization of civil unions.  Read more here.

Iowa Senate Leader Blocking Homosexual Marriage Referendum.  Even though the Iowa House passed a bill by an overwhelming 63-37 vote that would put a referendum on the ballot to reverse a state Supreme Court decision imposing homosexual marriage on that state, Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal refuses to allow the bill to be considered in the Senate.  Iowa voters defeated all three of the Supreme Court justices who had supported the homosexual marriage ruling in retention elections last November.  Read more here.

Australian E-divorces on the Rise.  More Australian couples are using the Internet to begin the process of divorcing.  Read more here.

News Items of General Interest

College Denies Transgender’s Request.  A 51-year-old woman who was born a man has enrolled at Southwest Texas Junior College and moved into a girls-only dormitory.  Female students who also live in the dorm are concerned about the situation.  The individual claims there is nothing for the female students to fear.  She is just trying to get an education and experience dorm life.  A spokesman for the college says they are investigating the situation.  Read more here.

Study Finds Morning-after Pill Causes Increase in Teenage STDs.  Researchers at the University of Nottingham in England examined local health authority data to determine the impact of prescription-free emergency birth control on STDs and conception rates in teenage girls.  They found that on average, there was a five percent increase in the rate of sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers—12percent in teens under 16.  Read more here.

UN Human Rights Council Criticized.  The Human Rights Council is being accused of selectivity, distortion of its mandate and a disproportionate obsession with Israel.  In particular, one Special Rapporteur, Richard Falk, has endorsed 9/11 conspiracy theories on his personal blog, referring to an “apparent cover up” of the terrorist attacks against the United States.  Read more here.

Berkeley, California to Offer Sex-Change Employee Benefit. 
The Berkley City Council will vote to set aside $20,000 a year for gender reassignment surgery for city workers.  The procedure is not covered by the city’s health insurance carriers.  To receive money, employees are required to live as the opposite sex for at least one year, undergo hormone therapy, and have worked for the city for at least a year.  Read more here.

Transgenders Now Demanding To Serve In U.S. Military.  Following the repeal of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell, transgender activists are now demanding that they also be allowed to serve in the military.  Read more here.

University Conference Convenes Top Scholars on Family Defense Law.  Brigham Young University’s Wheatley Institute sponsored the conference “Defense of the Family: Natural Law Perspectives” featuring such top marriage scholars as Princeton University Professor Robert George and University of Virginia Professor Brad Wilcox.  Read more here



Have We Gone MAD?

Bizarre, real-life examples that make us wonder. . . Have We Gone MAD?

I Can Only Imagine

by Seymour D. Kaye

I’d like to take you on an imaginary journey into the future.  It’s already been imagined.  Not by me, but by John A. Robertson, chair of the Ethics Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. 

So close your eyes and come along.  (Don’t really close your eyes or you can’t read.  Just . . . imagine your eyes are closed.)

Here we go. . .

“Larry, a pediatrician, and David, a wills lawyer, meet in their late 20s, fall in love, and marry. . . By 2030, they are well-enough established in their careers to think about having their own child. Larry’s 24-year-old sister Marge has agreed to donate her eggs, and David will provide the sperm, so that each partner will have a genetic connection with the child . . . In the process, Larry and David come to realize that they would prefer to have a male child that shares their sexual orientation . . .”

This is where you imagine the abrupt sound of an imaginary record player needle pulled violently across an imaginary record.

(P.S.  Straight embryos need not apply—you will be discarded.)

It could happen, postulates Mr. Robertson in his paper titled “Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Technology in 2030.”  Technological advances are on track to accomplish this.  Society is on track to accept this as well.  And do not homosexual individuals have REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS??

Consider this point Mr. Robertson makes: 

“Gays and lesbians have the same right to respect in choices over intimacy, marriage, and reproduction that heterosexuals have.  If their social and legal status is protected, what basis would there then be for saying that knowingly opting for a gay child will harm that child’s well-being?”

There’s only one teensie weensie little problem. 

There is no gay gene. 

Robertson even admits that one hasn’t been found.  Yet, he says.  But as hard as scientists look, they just won’t find a gay gene.  The identical twin studies that have been done doom such a search.  (Solid scientific studies show that when one identical twin is homosexual there is only about an 11 percent chance the other will, and they have IDENTICAL GENES!)

So alas, Mr. Robertson’s imaginary scenario will remain . . . fortunately . . . imaginary.



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