Who We Are

A well-seasoned, widely experienced team with a proven record of impacting family policy issues that affect families worldwide at the international, national and local level.  Key officers and staff include:

Sharon Slater, President (full-time volunteer) – Co-founded Family Watch in 1999.  An experienced family policy advocate who speaks four languages, has worked with heads of state, UN Ambassadors and delegates, diplomats, and state and federal legislators on a wide range of family issues for more than eight years.  Formerly served as President of United Families International for five years.  2007 Arizona Mother of the Year.

Sheldon Kinsel, Policy Strategist – Has extensive political experience and his innovative policy strategies have helped achieve many of Family Watch’s pro-family policy successes.  Pioneer in use of the Internet by conservative organizations.  Experienced lobbyist in Washington D.C. and served as staff to a U.S. Senator and two Congressmen.  Consultant to a number of pro-family groups.  Skilled networker, writer and reporter.

Lynn Allred, Communications Director – Monitors hundreds of news items every day and selects and summarizes news clips for “The Family Watch,” our e-newsletter, which is used by pro-family advocates throughout the world to aid them in their family advocacy efforts.  Board member and Family Watch UN representative.  Active in family policy issues for over eight years.

Annie Franklin, Director of International Activities (volunteer) – Directs Family Watch’s family advocacy activities at the UN.  Participated in many international and UN conferences to build networks of organizations and individuals united to protect the family.  Born in Belgium and fluent in French, she works with French-speaking UN delegates and translates family policy documents at UN conferences.  Developing UN pro-family training guide.
Greg Slater, Legal Advisor (volunteer) –Extensive experience negotiating laws and policies with high-level government officials in various countries.  Speaks six languages and uses his diplomatic skills to lobby effectively for family policies at UN conferences.  Has written articles on marriage and preserving our national sovereignty.  Provides essential legal policy research for Family Watch and his wife Sharon.   

Martin Ssempa, FWI African Coordinator (volunteer) – Martin Ssempa was associated with Family Watch International because of his extensive work with youth promoting abstinence-based HIV education in Uganda.  This association ended when Family Watch became aware of Mr. Ssempa'a support of the proposed law in Uganda calling for the execution of homosexuals who engaged in “aggravated homosexuality” (defined as homosexual sex between an adult and a minor or when a person infected with HIV knowingly has sex with another person putting them at risk for contracting HIV). 

Norma Mendoza, FWI Latin America Coordinator (volunteer) – Chosen by the Mexican Government to be a UN delegate and consultant to Mexico’s National Women’s Institute.  Editor and writer for the family section of “Yo Influyo,” an online family issues newsletter, with subscribers throughout Latin America.  Norma has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Master’s degrees in Law and Gender and in Family Education.